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"Paul Edwards’s novella INFERNAL LOVE is a literary love letter to 1960s and '70s occult horror, a deliciously twisted East European nightmare full of demonic births, apocalyptic portents and the occult... In many ways this is a blood-spattered homage to both Ira Levin and Lucio Fulci, yet Edwards makes this tale his own, delivering a fast-paced, tightly written satanic chiller smartly eschewing the clichés of the tradition, while admirably succeeding in giving us those old school thrills we all secretly crave. Highly recommended." - Frank Duffy, author of The Signal Block and Other Tales, Mountains of Smoke and Unknown Causes.

INFERNAL LOVE was published by Rainfall Books & Records and is available to buy here on Amazon

Includes an introduction by Simon Clark, author of Night of the Triffids.

Cover artwork by Steve Lines.