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I promise I’ll be here for you. We can get through this together, right? Just as long as we trust each other.


A man seeks a cure for his loneliness in the squalid back streets of Goa. A couple find solace in each other as the world comes apart at the seams. Sinister creatures besiege a small American town buried in fog. And as the dead rise from rent, yawning graves, a girl is holed up in a farmhouse with one of their own…


In these nineteen tales of love and loss, sex and death, you will brave witches, warlocks and the living dead; traverse uncharted, hypnotic highways; and you will meet up with green-eyed losers who inhabit small spaces: whether it’s graveyards, old churches, or their own echoing heads.


“Paul Edwards is a new talent to watch.”

- Simon Clark, author of The Night of the Triffids


“Paul’s writing inspires as much as it terrifies. He walks a dark path, one littered with broken hearts and shattered souls, giving us glimpses of the monsters that feast on them. And sometimes those monsters are us.”

- David Gatward, author of The Dead and Doom Rider


“No one can read Paul Edwards’ work and remain unmoved by it.”

- from the introduction by Anne M. Stickel, Co-editor of Black Petals magazine.


Now That I’ve Lost You is a collection of 19 short tales, published by Screaming Dreams and available to buy here on Amazon.

Cover artwork by Steve Upham.